Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday potluck, venison and a hog ham

I'm still moving slowly after another big meal with the group.  Tonight we had a designated potluck (everyone shared ahead of time what they would bring).  The main course was a well smoked deer hind quarter and a large ham from a wild hog.  They were excellent.  The meat source was a local boondocker that is no longer RVing and then one of our members smoked them.

The meal brings out the best of everyone for social interaction. Plus we have two foreign couples that either spoke no English or at least very little. One couple is from Quebec (French) and the other couple is Austrian (German).  The couples were welcomed to the group and join in with what we do.  Don lead them on a 5 mile hike on the Florida trail this morning and they were not the worst for wear this afternoon.  Yesterday Don led us on a 2 mile hike which I survived very well.

Spring is definitely here.  The day time temperatures are close to 80 degrees and the nighttime low is usually above 58 degrees.  There is no need for a heater under those conditions.  (I understand the Midwest is seeing similar temperatures.)  Perhaps we'll check it out in 2 or 3 weeks.

We plan to leave here mid next week and stop in the Apalachicola National Forest.  (It is spelled right and I typed it correctly the first time.  I did check it to be sure.) The spelling of so many of the names here in Florida really taxed one's memory!  A Yankee has to wonder how they came up with the name and the spelling!

Enough for tonight from the West Tower Campground, Osceola National Forest, Florida.


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