Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On the move north finally

Spring is here.  It is time for all of the birds and other migrating animals to be heading north. So guess what we are doing?  Our long slow north bound trek has begun.  We did 200 plus miles today on mostly Florida interstate highway 10 and two words can describe it:  "Not busy".   We could also say that the speeds were relatively modest.  Yes, there were a few crazy folks, but for the most part, it was moving very sanely.

When we left the national forest this morning and needed to get onto I-10, the highway department had nicely blocked the entry ramp from the south bound traffic only.   Before I reached that point,  I noticed a car entering the west bound ramp from the south.  So when we couldn't enter the ramp from the north,  I slowed way down and decided I could use the ramp from the south. It was a tight turn, but we made it.  Otherwise, we had smooth sailing all day.

Tonight we're enjoying the good services of Wally World, otherwise known as the Walmart parking lot in Dothan, AL. Right now there are 4 very quiet RVs and one semi with his engine running.  Of course, we were here first and he had to put his nose in among us  The nerve of some people!

Our last four days in the forest were also marked by one inconsiderate RVer.  She plopped herself down almost in the middle of our group and quickly made herself like a bad penny.  As she talked on her telephone, she let her tiny (but very fat) mongrel run free.  The mongrel stayed close to her van, but not  close enough.  It was observed relieving itself far from her van.  A member of our group joined our afternoon social circle and the unlucky fellow stepped on the dog pile and tracked it to our group.

One of our group immediately took the unlucky fellow in tow and the two of them headed to her van to explain a few things to her.  I guess she was understanding of the problem and quickly gathered up the remaining residue. Her excuse was that she had been too busy talking on the telephone to watch her dog.  When a member of our group  heard of her excuse, he commented that "I guess there is one woman that can't multi-task!" (She can't talk on the phone and watch her dog that is supposed to be on a leash at the same time.)

 We had two rigs with dogs and I should comment that they did practice the group rule (unwritten) that dogs are not allowed in the group when food is around.  For some people, it is no problem, but many of us don't like the idea of handling your dog and then using your fingers to reach for finger food out of the bowl.

The semi has left and I need to wrap this up. The extra hour of daylight from the time zone change is about to catch up with me.  Another hard day of driving north again tomorrow.


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