Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jaaper, Alabama and heading north

We left Dothan, AL this morning in a thin overcast.  The sun poked above the horizon sometime after 7, but shortly was blanked out by the overcast.

As the day progressed, the thin overcast became darker and darker.  As we approached Birmingham, AL, the showers started in with gusto.  Of course, when we were in the thick of finding our way through Birmingham, it really came down.  But fortunately, there was little to  no wind.

As we headed northwest from Birmingham on 78W, it continued and I told Sandy to find us a Walmart.  So here we are in the parking lot of the Jasper (Alabama) Walmart and  happy to be off of the road.  We checked with the customer service desk and they readily agreed that we made the right decision, plus we were welcome to stay all night (my intention)!

Since we're headed north and I assumed that it would be cooler, our plans were to stop at a Corp. of Engineers park about 50 miles up the road (and treat Sandy to electrical hookups and an electric heater if we needed one.) But I'm sure there will be no need for a heater again tonight.

Actually we would have made our destination if we hadn't been delayed by semi rollover in our lane south of Birmingham.  Initially, traffic was dead in the water and then after 90 minutes, it was moving slowly. Going through major cities is almost a no sweat deal when Sandy has her trusty Garmin GPS with the route programmed in.  She is able to tell me when the next turn is and if it is right or left.  I still read the street signs just to make sure.

Tomorrow's destination is an Illinois state park just north of Paducah, KY. If not there, we'll probably stop at an RV park, as the Walmarts are kind of scarce south of there. (It may be cold and I'll need some electric heat.)


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