Saturday, March 10, 2012

West Tower Campground, Osceola National Forest, Lake City, FL

 We arrived at this jewel of a campground yesterday noon.   The area is about half the size of a football field or smaller with a few trees here and there.  Plus there is a forest service fire tower near the road.

Based upon our experience of last year plus having visited with some campers at Three Lakes WMA, we were expecting about a dozen other campers here. To our pleasant surprise, there is only one car, a Quebec couple who speaks zero English.  So there is little conversation with them.  (Linda Hayes is able to converse with them some.)

Presently we have 5 rigs with two or three more expected.  We  have plenty of room.  The generators will hum a bit more because of the trees but we'll all tolerate that.  Don has been calculating which trails he'll explore again and all of us will go on a wood gathering mission this morning at 9 AM.

Wood gathering should be pretty easy as it looks  like the forest service has cut down several dead trees that presented a hazard to the road.  Or perhaps the wind toppled them and the forest service sectioned them and laid them in the ditch. Either way, they will make good firewood in our pit.  I have my electric chain saw along, so all should go smoothly.  Plus I have the splitting mall and a wedge along, so we can cut some larger trees and still reduce them to burnable sizes.

Incidentally, someone commented to me personally that they can't post a comment to my blog.  I'm not sure why not, but now that we have good internet service here in the forest, we'll try to remember to see what the problem might be.

The weather has been fantastic this winter here in Florida.  We've only endured two cold snaps so far.  The really good news is that we have only had to refill the propane tank once all winter.  Perhaps global warming is a reality.  But time being, we'll enjoy it.


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  1. So far, so good with the commenting.

    We spent six months in Lake City this year, but it was summer. Still pleasant.

    The Good Luck Duck