Thursday, March 8, 2012

Palatka, FL for a night at Walmart

 The title could have also been "parking on Sam's ground" as we are staying in the local Walmart.  We've been by the store on several occasions and there have always been trucks and RVs in the south west corner of the parking lot.  So tonight, we add one more to the total.

Our stay at Shanty Pond came to an end this morning under some trying circumstances.  Last night one lady accused me of intending to "Kill the stay at Shanty pond".  She had her wires crossed and I  informed her that we were working on how we could extend the stay in  Ocala NF by using second site also.  I don't think she believed me.

Three of us went out late in the day yesterday to look over some sites recommended by the forest service manager. In our absence, she tried to get the group to vote on using Shanty Pond by saying that we knew that it was to be discussed so by being absent,  we gave up our right to vote.  However, others would not allow her to proceed, so we got to attend a meeting at 9  AM  this morning and vote on the use of the site.

Not only did we vote  to return to Shanty Pond again in 2013, but to make it a 3 week stay.  It is amazing how people react when they hear only  half of the story.   There was  no secret about it that we were looking for another site.  The intent was to have two sites in the Ocala NF that we could use, two weeks at one and another two weeks at a second.

A big plus here at the Palatka Walmart is that the air card works wonderfully.  We have real internet now.  No waiting and waiting for an update.  Surfing is a pleasure again.

Tomorrow we go to West Tower in Osceola NF, a site with good internet service.  Yuppee!


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