Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday, March 5, Shanty Pond, Ocala NF, Florida

 Okay, I think we dodged another one again.  Sunday morning arrived with gusto.  We had a very heavy shower that didn't last long. What  however much it rained, they loved it here in Florida.

From our viewpoint, it brought some cold weather that made me make sure that the bed covers were in place. It was 51 degrees in the bedroom, 45 in the living room and apparently 35 or so outside. I'm really amazed that body heat can provide that much heating in the RV.

Today was an even better day; it warmed up some more, we had more solar sunlight and are batteries were recharged completely without running the generator.   Life is good when that happens.

We were joined this afternoon by a couple that we met at our computer rally in May.  They needed a reasonable place to stay here in Florida and knew where we were based upon reading this blog.  It was great to see them.  (We were a bit taken back by their arrival.)  But we have lots of space  available.  In our campground here, there are about 60 sites total, with 9 of them  occupied by our group and only two or three other RVs.  In other words, where are the people?

We are planning to depart for another park on Thursday or Friday, so we have little time left to get our plans finalized for next year.  So Sandy and I will probably do some more driving around in the park.   Supposedly, there are some large campgrounds around here.  We need to find one that has lots of sun and is level..  We do like it here because of the closeness of the shopping, laundry and restaurant.   Where we've previously been spending our time, we'd have to drive 25 miles one way for a store.  We're also paying a premium price of $4 a night.  (Not too bad, but it isn't free like the others were.)

Life is not too bad.


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