Sunday, March 25, 2012

Timberview Lakes Campground RV Park, Bushnell, IL

 We headed north on Wednesday shortly after visiting with Bob and Karen at the Flying J in Tallahassee.  We're trying to hold it down to 200 plus miles per day.  (We seem to be doing a few more than that.)

Thursday was a short day, as we ran into a difficult rain storm as we neared Birmingham.  By the time we cleared Birmingham, I told Sandy to find us the nearest Walmart, it was time to quit.  We ended up at Jasper, Alabama and the Walmart was happy to let us stay in the lot.

Friday was a big day, as we exited Alabama, passed through a corner of Mississippi, crossed Tennessee and   Kentucky and ended up in Ft. Massac State Park on the southern edge of Illinois across from Puducah, KY.  However, this will most likely be our last time there, as Illinois has raised their fees for state parks and it isn't worth $20 a night.  (A lot of Passport America Parks are more economical than that.)

We declared Saturday to be our day of rest and laid low at Ft. Massac all day.  What a joy to not face the interstate traffic.

Today (Sunday) found us back on the road, heading north in Illinois. Since our original destination had been a state park also (Jupiter College SP), we went looking for another PPA park and had two options.  When we called one this morning, they bluntly said that they were closed.  The second one said they were open and the price was $13 a night.  So here we are (it really isn't open, but a good business man isn't about to turn a customer away).

We're trying to take it easy, but Sandy said that we put on 4 more miles than either of the previous days headed north. So be it!   Sandy jokingly says that when the horse is headed for the barn, there is no stopping it.

We are a half day out from HWH where we have a Wednesday appointment.  We'll call tomorrow morning and see if we can get squeezed in early.  If we can get in early, perhaps we can get to the farm by Wednesday.  (We're in no hurry, but sooner is always better!)

Once parked on the farm, we'll make a quick trip to Amana to see my mother and talk with the care center personnel.  The last we heard, she was doing much better (but not eating!)  She is only 101 years old.  Once we have that issue squared away, we're off to Forest City to the Winnebago factory to meet with the rally folks about a seminar I'm to give plus a few other things.  Life just doesn't seem to be slowing down for us.

This park we're at is really out in the country. The road went from a state highway, to a county road with a painted center strip, to a county road with no center strip to something slightly more than one lane (but all asphalt). The grass is green, the doves and birds are sounding off and there is no road noise. Plus we just saw a buck deer walk through the middle of a plowed field.

I'll sleep well tonight!


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