Sunday, March 18, 2012

Making plans for the future Rendezvous

The last 3 days, I've been making mental notes about what I can post in the blog (when I'm doing it.)  Well here I am and my mind is blank.  Absolutely zero.  It is most frustrating to say the least.

Sandy keeps commenting to me that I'm an idea person and she ends up being the follow through person.  It may be so.   To help the group some, I suggested that we ought to  have an ice cream social.  Everyone thought that was a great idea and one member is picking up the ice cream this noon at Walmart. The social is scheduled for 3 pm this afternoon.

The bad news is that I'm now the bad guy for ruining the diet of our members.  I guess I'm the fall guy.  However, we've got big shoulders, so we'll take the licking and keep on ticking!

We have about a dozen rigs squeezed into this campground, counting everyone.  However, everyone is so laid back and considerate of each other, it is no problem.   One lady made a broom out of some palmatto leaves and every morning sweeps out the restroom.

Yesterday evening, we were given an education on hiking the trails here in Florida.  They don't have porta-johns along the trail, so users have some guidelines to follow.  The issue becomes more interesting when there are multiple users of the trail, such as a group hike.  In our good American culture, we don't talk about some things, so someone may make an off hand comment which others usually pick up on.   The classic one was a guide telling the party to "wait here while he checked out the blue berries", meaning he needed a potti break.  But as he did a side route off of the trail, one lady charged after him saying that she wanted to see what Florida blue berries were like. For some people, you  have to be very direct.

Yesterday found us driving to the East Tower Campground just to see the area again. It is really better than this one with one big short-coming.  For most people, there is no cell phone service, thus no internet.  We found a tent in the campground plus one toy hauler trailer.   To get there, we used our GPS (Garmin) to find our way. It sure would be nice if the road names (used by Garmin) were the same as the forest service signs.  In both Ocala NF and here in Osceola NF, the roads are numbers.  However, Ms. Garmin calls them all by strange names that are never on our pamphlets.  (I suspect that the county 911 committee gave them names and the forest service has chosen to ignore them.)

With that I better quit rocking the boat.


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