Monday, March 26, 2012

There has been a weather change and it isn't warmer!

We were up early this morning after a very relaxing night in central Illinois on a farm.  However, the temperature was just a bit lower.  We used the electric heaters and made it pretty comfortable for breakfast.  However, when we started putting stuff away  for travel mode, Sandy noticed that the driver's window was wide open and a good breeze was coming in.  No wonder it was cool when we got  up and the heaters just didn't warm the rig.

It was 49 degrees on the outside when we were back on the road.  When we arrived here at HWH at 2 pm or so, the outside temperature was only 43 degrees, with a stiff NE wind.  It must be about the same this evening.

A friend of ours posts a blog  entry every day a few minutes past midnight.  Nick and Terry hosted a rally in Yuma last week and have been kind of beaten and in need of serious rest.  This morning was one of Nick's classic blog posting about having too many friends.  Nick took control of the day and has told some friends that "No, Nick and Terry are too tired and don't want any visitors".  With that kind  of a welcome, some of his friends have become very offended.

As I've had all day to reflect on Nick's problem, the thought occurs to me that friendship is a two way street. What many people don't understand is that there are levels of friendship.  We may think of someone as a very close friend while that person thinks of us as one of their many acquaintances.   That is especially true in this RV life style.   We know hundreds if not thousands of people via our computer classes, rallies and Escapades that we have attended.   We had a case this past winter of a fellow introducing himself as an old friend of ours.   He had attended a seminar of ours at an Escapade 5 years ago.  He remembered the time and the place and it still didn't ring any bells for me.  I'm sorry folks, but my memory just isn't that good.

My memory is great if you get it on the right subject.  Let's talk electrical circuits, solar charging or some historical items.  But some historical items don't register, such as the sequence of things from the 9/11 report that I'm in the midst of reading.  It is a fascinating document to say the least.

Bring on the warm breezes that the weather man promises tomorrow.


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