Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Keeping Busy on the Farm (Doing what?)

We've been back on the farm for about a week now and loving it.  Sitting on the hilltop, we get lots of fresh air and a steady breeze (Sandy says a strong wind.)  But I love it.   We had to jumper the lawn mower to start it, but we've mowed the lawn twice already.  However, it is nice to see it green.

We had wanted to burn the old stalks and leaves off of the asparagus, but there is just too much wind.  Perhaps if we had a real water pressure system, I'd risk it.  But with the old windmill pump jack that pumps a half gallon per minute with no pressure tank, it would be a lost cause.   The reason to burn the asparagus is to blacken the soil so that it warms up faster and the new shoots sprout forth faster.  But I guess we'll wait.

Actually it is almost too late now.  We're leaving on Monday (after Easter) to go to Forest City to take care of some items at the Winnebago service center plus meet with the WIT club representatives.  We're the elected leader of the full timers subgroup and plans need to be finalized for 2012. When we finish those items, it is head south 50 miles to visit with some of Sandy's relatives.

We have a minor problem trying to  work out our schedule.  All of the county parks that we have used in that area are still closed for the winter.  It may be an early spring, but they are not encouraging residents to use the county parks. (All we really need is weekly access to the water supply and the dump station.)  Our ability to live without hookups during the winter in Florida will serve us well there also.


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