Friday, March 4, 2011

We're back into the Internet World again, we have real service.

Today we decided it was time to "blow that place" called "Shanty Pond" campground.  If you weren't expecting any cellphone service or Internet service, it was good.  Otherwise, it was the pits (and I mean pits!)

Tonight we're parked in the Walmart Lot at Palatka, FL. Our Millencom service is fantastic.  I expected an improvement and we got it.  The down side is that tomorrow we head to another forest service campground north of here 80 miles and supposedly, we will have little or no internet service.    If the service is as bad as Shanty Pond, don't expect us to remain long.

I think we had 12 rigs in attendance and a good time was had by all.  We went on a couple of hikes that pushed me to the limit of my abilities.  (My hip has curtailed much of my walking, so I'm really  out of practice.  The really good news to me was that the group endorsed my work to find more suitable sites for additional rendezvous.  As a result, we will schedule 3 additional rendezvous,  plus we will publicize the availability of the other boondocking sites.

Enough for now.


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  1. You guys really have it made, your schedule is pretty much what you make it, and you should take advantage of all the beauty out there, and if there is a couple of night that you dont have cell phones, or internet service, enjoy it! In the event of an emergency, you could always get a
    Spot finder >> << My Sister lives on a tiny island off Puerto Rico and just picks a few days now and then to randomly "unplug" from the whole internet cellphone thing to enjoy her world see:
    Happy Trails! Were watchin.....