Friday, February 25, 2011

Shanty Pond

Our Boondocking Rendezvous started today and we have 10  rigs here.   A very comfortable number and just about all that the area can handle so that we can have sun (for our solar panels).  Just about everyone has met everyone before, sometimes 2 to 8 years ago.   So it is good to reconnect again.

Today we were able to pick up our mail at the local post office.   The tracking number response said it was out for delivery here at Salt Springs, but it is always a guess.  Two years ago, it went to Fort McCoy first until we asked for it.  Checking on Street Atlas, we found three small towns in this area that all have the same ZIP code.   I thought the purpose of the ZIP code was so that each post office had a unique number.

The cell phone signal is marginal at best.  Or our router/air card package is  laying down on the job.  I don't think we've ever had such slow service.  But anything is better than nothing (I guess).

So we're keeping this short.


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