Friday, March 25, 2011

We're headed north!

We left the park this morning destination ultimately northern Iowa.   In the meantime, we're going to take our time.  We're in a C.O.E. park near Aberdeen, MS and loving it.  we have  50 amp electric and loving it.  If the temperature dives down tonight, we have electric heaters to keep us warm.

It was a very pleasant drive today.   We headed north on U.S. highway 45, starting in Mobile AL.  The Alabama end was no picnic, but also very little traffic.  In Mississippi, we learned what political pull will get you. Highway 45 is a divided four lane highway with hardly any traffic.   We have more traffic past the farm than we saw today.   There is no doubt, earmarks paid for this highway.

Speaking of earmarks, they spent a few bucks on this C.O.E. park we're in.  We decided that the price was right also, so we're staying over for two nights.  Why not?  We have exactly two weeks to get to northern Iowa, so why hurry.  Plus I'm so sleepy, I may not finish this unless I hurry.  See you tomorrow.


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