Thursday, March 17, 2011

On the road AGAIN

We didn't waste time this morning, but time disappeared anyway.  It was 10 AM when we finally hit the road.   Of course, we air'd up all of the tires, something we have not done for some time.  Then we drove out (unhitched) to the main road.   I just didn't want the wheels throwing sand from the road up onto the Honda.

We then headed west on I-10 in moderate traffic.  At Tallahassee, we pulled into the Flying J for fuel, dumping and an LP  refill.  We have used that station before and I didn't realize how screwy an LP setup they have.   You have to stop at the LP island, which blocks one of the RV lanes, but worst of all, we had to exit the lot to turn around.   But we're good to go again.

Tonight, we're in the Walmart at De Funiak Springs, about mile 90 or so.  Tomorrow on to Summerdale, AL.


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