Friday, March 18, 2011

At the SKP park, Summerdale, AL

We got an early start this morning and arrived here at the park by 10 AM.  Yes, it was a short day on the road, but  it really felt good to "park it for a while" again.  Right now, we're not even sure how long we're staying.

In a SKP park, everyone is your friend.  Plus as a bonus, we get to meet some "old" friends.   One couple was with us 3 weeks ago.  Another couple lives in Iowa City, about 30 miles from the farm.  (We rarely see them other than at a Iowa Unit rally.   Plus we've met two couples that are wanting to talk about boondocking in Florida.  One couple is from Australia, traveling the USA.   They have just entered Florida and are heading east from here.  The other couple is from New England and they expect that they'll be heading to Florida in the future because of the price of diesel.  (They have been going to the SW.)  So we have a week or so to tell them how great we've found boondocking to be in Florida.

Tomorrow morning there is a breakfast in the club house which we'll join in.  An opportunity to visit with more snow birds.

While here, Gene has to get motivated to finish our taxes.   What a disagreeable task.  I think we have all of the paper and it is on the form.  Now we have to review it and send it in.

So enough killing time on non-essential stuff.


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