Monday, March 28, 2011

Patiently waiting for the Weather to Warm up again

We're holed up in a  COE park near Aberdeen, MS.   It is not large but a first class campground with hard surfaced roads and cement parking pads.   Obviously, the COE has lots of money to make campgrounds like this.  (Or was it "earmarks" by Mississippi politicians?)

We left Summerdale on Friday, intending to make it an easy drive to Paducah, KY and a Illinois State Campground across the river.   But we changed our mind about getting in a hurry when we saw what the weather forecast was for this week.  It is down right nasty outside, so we decided to stick around here.  We have good electrical service, a water front view (now that the weekenders have left) and the price is right with our Golden Age Pass.  It really cleared out yesterday afternoon after the weekender's left.   Plus it became a lot quieter with no baby's in strollers and pre-teens around.

We noticed on the TV this morning that the weather problem is the Jet Stream, which is dividing the nation.  North of it is cool and south of it is warm.   I think right here we're in a no-man's zone, just plain unsettled.  So it is a good time to do stuff inside, like our taxes.  We finished them a week ago and sent them into an accountant, who returned the preliminary finished copy back for our review.  So we went over everything and sent him some email updates and today he'll send us the final copy via email.   Isn't the internet great when we can send documents back and forth and not be concerned that the post office might miss lay it.

Our schedule is very flexible at this point.  We have to be in northern Iowa for a formal family dinner on the 9th of April, which  is two weeks from last Saturday.   We could head for the farm and spend some time there.  Or we can do some site seeing on the way.  Or just take our time and do some extra surfing, especially like now when we have great internet connections (via Millenicom using Verizon towers.)   The TV is marginal, but we do get one national network station.

So turn the heat on and we'll hit the road.  Until  then,  we're happy where we're at.


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