Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm ready to move north, warm it UP.

Here it is Wednesday already and we're still patiently (or is it impatiently) waiting for warmer weather along our route north.   But tomorrow we move to an Illinois State Park across the river from Paducah, KY.

It has been interesting here in this park.  There are about a dozen plus rigs that obviously spend lots of time here, as all of them have "blue boys" connected to the drain connection.   Some of them make the milk run to the dump station almost daily by the sound of things.  (The sound is when they tie the blue boy behind the pickup and after it is emptied, it has a certain rumble to it when they return.)  

Yesterday, Sandy and I did a tour of the local town (Aberdeen), following their driving tour map.  The town has a number of very nice (big) homes built before the Civil War and still looking great.  On the way into town, we didn't have the GPS and ended up getting lost.   We returned to the campground road and turned the other direction and then we were successful in finding the main highway.

It will warm up soon, so in anticipation of it, we're moving north tomorrow again.


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