Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ouch, a cold wave arrived

Yesterday afternoon, I had a hundred and one items on my mind that I could write about.  This morning, nary a one!

For starters, it was cold last night.  My outside gauge read 40 degrees this morning, which is ice cold after we've been seeing 60 degree lows and 75 degree highs.  But I think we can weather it and as we used to say, "Better days are ahead."

I haven't counted how many are in this little bit of heaven, but we must have about 15 rigs squeezed in. But everyone is very considerate.  This morning, a couple parked ahead of us pull out, so we're moving to their spot. It will  give us just a bit more sunshine.

Last night the fire was a real barn burner.  The local wood cutter believers in a "vertical fire" and we had one.  We have a pile of wood, thanks to the permission from the forest service to cut a dead tree that was broken and leaning on an adjacent tree.  He had pointed out to them how much of a hazard it was if it went the wrong way.   They agreed to say nothing if he removed it.   So Saturday, we made quick work of it. It may have looked like a real tree, but really it was half rotten thru and thru.

We have great cell service and Internet service here.  Why has it taken so long to find it?  Yesterday we also went touring to the other campgrounds (free ones)  in this area of the forest.  This one has some open area plus well water and a single flush stool in a brick outhouse.   AND it is free!  We found nothing else that even compares to the services here.   So we're staying for a while.

There is a 14 day parking limit in all of the campgrounds here.  However, as we listen to the small talk among the people, the 14 days starts the day that the forest services ranger does a check of who is here.   I guess the rule is that since it is free, there is no registration either.  Okay, we can live with that.

Yesterday was Monday and there had been a very light sprinkle Sunday night.  So true to form, the forest service road graders were out in force when we were driving around.  It appears that they move the dirt to the middle of the road, then pulverize it, then spread it out and pack it with a BIG roller.  I guess it will be okay for a day.

breakfast time.


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  1. Just a quick update on our friends, Lionel and Wanda. Wanda is retiring on June 1st rather than her planned August retirement. It turns out that if she waited to retire, she would lose her free medical coverage. Lionel is a very happy man. We had dinner with them last night and he was beaming! Wanda was not quite as happy. More like resigned. I think Lionel is getting ready to give his wrist watch away come June 1st!