Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moving Day coming up

Tonight is our last day here at the West Tower Campground and it has been most enjoyable.  While our other Escapee's were here, we had a Potato bake and the next night we had a Spaghetti dinner.   With Ron issuing directions, we had a very successful meal both times.  Something to remember.

We picked up our mail Tuesday ( from daughter)  and realized that it has been two months since we obtained it.  That amount of time is almost sinful.  (So many magazines and papers to read.)  But we'll wade through it.

Tonight we had a little excitement in the camp.  A hiker came in and said that their was a crazy man back in the woods.   Someone called it in to 911 and shortly there were two forest service rangers here looking for him.  They found him and the consensus was that he had suffered a stroke and an ambulance was called in.   By the time they had him, he appeared to be recovering very well.  I understand that he did not want to go in the ambulance, which I would expect.  I think they eventually convinced him.

Around the fire tonight, we English speaking citizens were far out numbered by our French Canadians neighbors to the North, speaking only French.  (In all three cases, the man could speak some English, and the woman none.  So the fire circle became a French side and an English side.

Tomorrow we head west.  How far, we're not sure.  We'll see how things go when we hit the road.


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