Sunday, March 6, 2011

East Tower, now West Tower

We moved yesterday from the Palakta, FL area to the Osceola National Forest, East Tower campground.  The bad news was that cell phone and internet service were a big fat ZERO.   Nothing.

So in the afternoon, we went scouting to find a better location.  It had been suggested by a friend to consider West Tower, which was also free. We went to it, liked what we saw and today moved to West Tower.  Internet service and cellphone service is fantastic.  We love it.  

But for every plus, there is always a downer in the group.  In this case, it is the solar performance is poor.  We see some sunlight, but there will be no full solar days.   Shall we say that our Honda generator will earn its keep this week.  Life could be worse.

This campground is busy and well used.  There were 8 rigs here when we showed up (3 of us) and they are all traveling in a loose group.  It is not an organized club, but in listening to  them, they have moved from south to north en-mass, one campground at a time.  However, they have welcomed us with open arms, so there are no complaints from us.

Tomorrow Sandy and I are going to go scouting and look at the other campgrounds here in the Osceola  NF.  I have heard that this is the best one for solar and cellphone and it is free.  But we want to see for ourselves.

We have enjoyed some really very pleasent days for the last two weeks or so.  But tonight the outside temperature dives to 40 degrees, which is a real bummer.   (I love it when the low is about 60 degrees.)  But we'll handle it.


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