Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We're thinking of heading NORTH, already

We've only been here about 5 days, but we decided that with the taxes done and a scheduled dinner appointment firmed up, we need to think about traveling north!  Yep, heading to the far north with all of its cold, snow and wind.  It may not be that bad, but after the pleasent weather we've been enjoying any change is going to be a real bummer!

We finished the taxes a couple of days ago and then let them lay for a day before we did a final review.   Even with all of that looking, there is probably some little over site we missed.  I guess that is what the accountant gets paid for!

Our TV gave us a real scare tonight when it locked up with a black screen.   It just ignored me for about 30 minutes.  Finally, it started working as if nothing happened.   I was very happy and thanked the Lord!



  1. Taxes are always stressful. I use Turbo Tax...it is wonderful! Safe travels!

  2. Stay south. We have 43 again this morning ... and this is only the midatlantic states.