Friday, December 10, 2010

Burns Lake, FL Finally

We arrived at Burns lake yesterday in a light mist.  Not a heavy rain, but enough that as we drove in on the mile gravel road, the car and the motorhome were well covered with a light layer of dirt.  We will have to use lake water and wash it if we get a decent day.

I  don't remember when we last reported in, but a lot  of water has flowed down the river of life.  We left Sumter Oaks Park near Bushnell, FL on Monday morning, determined to get to the RV dealership that was getting the replacement cooling unit.  It was an 80 mile drive and all went well.  Upon arriving at the dealer, we found the RV parking spaces and made ourselves at home.   We should have come earlier, as they are great (and free).

We checked in with our contact and Mary informed us that the unit did arrive and they would be ready to install it Tuesday morning at 8 AM.  We're ready.   So back to the rig to unwind and surf, hopefully with a good connection.   With an 50 Amp electrical service, we used our portable electric heaters profusely (it saves on propane).  Plus we ran one all night, so it was a pleasant night sleeping.

Tuesday morning came quickly.  We didn't set an alarm and wouldn't you know it, we over slept.  But we still made our 8 AM apointment (a minute late.)   We then reconfirmed that all of this work was on the warranty and there would be no charge to us.   Gene is still having a hard time accepting it, with a 5 year old refrigerator, but we won't argue.

Sandy spent the morning in the waiting room while Gene stayed out of the technicians way, but still around the RV for a while.   Gene finally decided that he was no help and went in also.   We finally determined that they had an internet connection, if you use the right plug.  (Obviously, the visible one is the wrong connection.   It was a receptacle behind the desk that worked, only a foot away.

At 1 PM the technician came in and told Gene that he was done and ready for a delivery inspection.  He finished the job in less than 5 hours   The job was well done and he said I should back it out while he watched for traffic, then we were to see Mary before leaving.   With that job done, and all that Mary wanted to do was give us a paper telling us what they had done.  Supposedly, we now have a Norcold warranty again for 3 years like it is a new unit.  (And all at no cost to us.)  Sometimes it is amazing how industry works.

We headed back to the RV spaces and again made ourselves at home.  We're sticking close to the dealer until we're certain that they unit is working well.   For the rest of the day, we surfed, did a little Walmart shopping and relaxed.  Life can be good.

On Wednesday morning the freezer compartment was down to 3 degrees and all seemed well. so we slowly packed up and headed south to Burns Lake, with an overnight stop at Paradise Park (Punta Gorda) to see a number of friends..   There was a light rain Thursday morning which the weatherman said would clear off as it moves south.    So since we were headed south, it didn't clear so fast. 

When we arrived at Everglades City, there was a steady drizzle, so we pulled into the information center for lunch and to relax.   After lunch, we unhitched and drove to the lake. The rain had stopped, but the gravel road was very sloppy.  Thus we have a fine layer of dirt on both the motorhome and the Honda.   But we found the one remaining open RV space and made ourselves at  home.  Sandy said that a big smile of satisfaction came over Gene's face when he got out of the motorhome and looked over the campground again.   Shortly one of the other campers came by to welcome us and say that their would be a 4 pm social  hour if the rain left.

At 4 PM, 6 of us gathered on the down-wind side of an RV and shared the days happenings.  It is great to be back among friends.   Few plans have been made, other than to attend a church barbeque in Everglades City Friday evening.   It is not cheap, but supposedly very good and lots to eat.  We shall attend.

We spent the evening in the rig reading or surfing   Gene had checked out a book from the library on General Colin Powell.   It is a fascinating life story of Colin's rise to greatness.   Gene especially has enjoyed it because Colin entered the army as a  ROTC 2nd Lt. 2 years before Gene entered the Air Force as a ROTC 2nd Lt.   Colin  carried an additional  burden of being black, but he handled it very well.

It is now Friday morning, there is no wind and the sun should be out shortly. It is going to be a great day.

(If you read this far, Sandy said that my spell checker did some bad replacements.  I think I've fixed them, but  proof reading is not my strong point.  I'll probably get another lecture later.)


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