Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday of the week after Christmas

Blog Monday, the week after Christmas

While many of you hit the roads to visit relatives and friends, Sandy and I stayed safe and sound and stayed near our home. We didn't even start the Honda to go anywhere. We may be in Florida, but to do any shopping or even church, it is about 50 miles east to Miami or 40 miles west to Everglades City. We were outside a few times to take a stroll around the pond that is the center of this campground.

The reason for the pond is because they dug a big hole to obtain rock when they built the road 80 years ago. So now it is the heart of a campground, as is several other man made ponds. Besides fish, each pond seems to have at least one resident boss alligator. If you use your hands and splash in the water some and them look around, you can generally see a gator heading over to investigate the disturbance.

I really spent my interior time either trying to locate some campgrounds in Florida (online) or I was trying to make sure we have all of the paper work to do a withdrawal from our IRA. The catch is that Uncle Sam insists that it must be done by the end of the year and I've been procrastinating a bit too long.

Tomorrow we'll take the Honda out so that we can get some good cell phone service so that we can resolve any issues with our IRA withdrawal.


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