Friday, December 17, 2010

A Night in the Casino Parking Lot

Well, we have spent our night in the casino parking lot and it was not very restful!   Even though we're in an area reserved for RVs and trucks, the valley traffic and other noise was disturbing.    Right now, for the Nth time, a car alarm has been going off.  It is the same alarm and usually times out or resets before the owner punches the off button.    Additionally, this morning someone seems to be setting off strings of firecrackers now and then. 

Adding to the over all noise level is the periodic noise of an overhead airplane (big one) in its approach pattern to Miami International airport.   Thankfully, we are not under the takeoff departure route.

I had been advised to join the players club and get a 10 or 15 dollar credit on the players card.   But after going into the casino to register for RV parking, there was no way I wanted to volunteer to go back in and spend an hour or so in a noisy smoke filled hole.   It caused me to have a mild headache for 3 hours afterward.

We are parked in the middle of the RV lot  and can see lots of stuff going on.    One  has to ask the question, "Is this a high crime area, considering the number of security cars and patrols going around here.  There  is almost always a moving security car in sight in the lot.   Also, this morning, the street sweepers are out in force.   If it doesn't belong there, it will be swept up.   So the area is very clean

Today we're moving to Everglades N.P. south of here about 50 miles.   It will be a welcome change from this urban setting.  But the price was right while parked here.   It also tells us what we want to avoid it if at all possible in the future.   On the way, we'll restock the pantry at our friendly Walmart so that we don't have to leave the park for groceries.


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