Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day after Christmas

Christmas is all about family and remembering the reason for the season. Sandy and I may have been far from our siblings but we had each other. And Sandy cooked a wonderful Christmas dinner. Also, to make it realistic, she told me early on that dinner would be at 2 pm more or less (Just like at Grandmother's house sometimes -but rarely.) And just like in Grandmother's house, we had left over pie to snack on late at night.

For a Yankee in south Florida, yesterday couldn’t have been much better. Today it is going to be a different story. We have seen our high for the day and we have a north west wind to remind us that it shall get worse all day and especially tonight. The reported low tonight will be below 40. (That sounds better than the upper 30s.)

We are not in cell phone range, so we have not talked with either daughter. I guess emails will do for the moment. Yes, we'd like to be together as a family with them, but certainly not in Wisconsin or Minnesota right now. Julie can be with her in-laws and Beth seems to have family and friends where ever she lands. I think that she finds that curling up on the sofa with a book or a TV program as this latest winter blast passes through is just her cup of tea!

Yesterday, a cousin lost her husband to pulmonary fibrosis, which I thought was a result of smoking. But I just searched the internet to verify that and came up short. Our medical community isn't sure what causes it or how to treat . If you do smoke, consider giving it up for the sake of your family and friends who really don't care for second hand smoke. Thank you.

Our future travel plans are not made yet. Frankly, we love it here in the campground. We have AC to power the TV and computers, and no crowds, plus we have a lake front lot. It may not be large, but it has gators in it.


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  1. Merry Christmas! I do think the last time I saw you at Christmas J. was PJ with E. Hence we know it has been a while ago. Northern Flordia looked plenty cold on TV today as the Redskins beat Jacksonville. Enjoy the Christmas left overs. BTW I was hoping for a narrative on the community Christmas dinner again this year. Well, I'll wait for next year.