Sunday, December 12, 2010

Burns Lake, Florida

We arrived here on Thursday (or was it Friday) and we've settled in.  The Honda hasn't moved since we parked it.)   The weather warmed up nicely and I'd guess the highs are in the 70s and the lows in the 50s.   Supposedly, it is to change tonight or tomorrow when another Arctic Blast moves in.  We'll take it as it comes.  Compared to what the midwest is getting, we'll grin and bare it!

In the reworked Burns Lake campground, the park service has cut the camping down to only 8 rigs plus about 6 tent sites (which have been used by some  fold-downs and some class C rigs.  The main thing is that our group is all parked together in the 8 pull through sites and Sandy loves the layout.   We can see the water via the front window or via the side window.  The pull through sites are very large.

For about 3 plus days, Gene has been moaning a bit about his arthritis that really nailed him in his right hip.   Walking, sitting and especially getting up or down has been a real problem.   He had become a spitting image of his dad.   But with the impending weather change, the soreness in the right hip is nearly gone.   The other downer is that since we have been in Florida (or the vicinity) Sandy has had numerous sinus problems.    We're beginning to wonder if Florida is the right place for us in the winter time.

Two weeks ago, Gene picked up a nasty Trojan/virus in his computer.  He has it mostly removed, but ever since the computer does some funny things.  I know I ought to re-format the drive, but that is a lot of work.   Yesterday, Sandy even applied her talents to the problem and seems to have improved it some.  We shall continue plodding along.

Yesterdays blog was a bit long and my chief critic lowered the boom on me.   The spell checker just didn't make the right decisions when replacing some  miss-spelled words.   So I took the flak.   I think they have been rectified now.   This one will be shorter, so less opportunity for a screw up.


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