Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday, the week after Christmas

 I'm confused and frankly I'm not sure what has been posted and what hasn't been.  So this is being written on the fly (with blogger open).  The problem seems to be that I write a blog and try to post it later in the day when I'm ready to fight the slow internet connection.   Every once in a while, I slip up and don't get it posted.  Or a couple of times, it seems that Blogger doesn't show me the latest posting.  Such is life of a very disorganized manager.

It sure was nice to again rise in the morning with the coach interior temperatures at 58 degrees.  No shivering and shaking to get moving.  It has been a real eye opener to see the news cast on what the weather is like north along the east coast.    We may shiver a bit, but nothing like up in Yankee land.  I did notice that we did have frost on the toad this morning.  But it isn't going any place for a while at least.

One comment about internet surfing verses TV.  With the internet, one can choose how to entertain yourself verses watching the stupid boop tube with they're excessive crazy ads.  They seem to forget that I still have control of the big switch called   ON/OFF.  It is now OFF.



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