Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Everglades plus one

We kept ourselves busy yesterday touring. For starters, we surfed a while, then went on a 90 minute tour of an old Nike anti-aircraft site. The main buildings are now used for some park research while the launch complex remains as it was.

After the Nike tour, we went to the Royal Palms area to see the visitor center which is really a book store. Nothing of unique interest. Then we went on a mile swamp hike. It was all a hard limestone path or a board walk. Lots of birds and alligators. In one area, there were 20 gators all just resting. There were birds every where. They were really very tame.

It started to rain before we finished the the tour and about a minute after we finished and were in the car, it really cut loose with a downpour. Finally, we have the car washed as well as 2 sides of the motorhome. (It was very dirty from our drive into Burns Lake 2 weeks ago.)

We still haven't determined our schedule for the next two weeks. I guess we'll take it as it comes. I think we're headed to the Flamingo area of the park today, providing the weather is nice. It is hard to go bird watching in the rain. We have pushed off the laundry schedule for 2 days or so. Why get in a hurry?

Gene continues to work with his new PC that he lifted from Sandy. It is Windows 7 plus has Sandy's name written all over it. He did reconfigure the mail program and sent 8 emails of Sandy's back to her. When he had powered it up and was working on the email program, it picked up her mail before he changed the configuration. He has a big problem with the address book to resolve. Windows Live Mail insists on keeping the address book (or a copy there of) online at Hotmail. A very sneaky way for Microsoft to track the users. So Gene intends to switch to using Thunderbird if he can figure it out.

A note from our youngest daughter who is on a business trip to  Jordan.  She is stuck there because of the snow and ice in London.  She hopes to make it back to the USA in 2 o r 3 days.   The joy of business travel.

So life goes on.


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