Thursday, December 16, 2010

Miami for a night at the Casino (parking lot only)

Right now we're parked in a casino parking lot just west of Miami.   We may or may not spend the night here.   Yesterday we moved to a campground east of Burns lake that had electric and a dump station.  (You pay to use the dump station so we figured that by camping there, we would save those dollars.)   It was a real joy last night to have the electric heat on.  Sandy insisted that we lower the temperature when we went to bed and use one extra blanket.  Even that was a joy.

This morning we had frost again on the Honda.  But that should be the end of the cold for now.  One other joy of being parked in the campground with electric hookups was that last night Sandy made some corn bread  for me.   And this morning, we were treated to fresh hot muffins.  (Our oven only works on electric, so I guess one would say that "we made hay while the sun was shining."

We spent the past week with fellow Escapee Boondockers.   We will meet up with them again in February when there is another Rendezvous in north Florida.   They are like minded folks that don't like to pay to be in an RV park when they never part take of the stuff there.   Last night I located a free city park north of Tampa that we'll check out when we head north.

Well, a big disappointment about  the free city park north of Tampa. The primitive sites that they were referring to are a half mile hike into the boonies. If you want to use your RV, it is $20 a night to camp in the park.   A bummer.

This afternoon we programmed the GPS and headed to downtown Miami to visit a solar place.  Now I know why I like parking the rig in the boonies.    The roads were a zoo.   Once we arrived, I was ready to return back to the motorhome.  But we went in, only to find that the only panels he had in stock were monsters, suitable for house type system.   They had other panels at their warehouse a mile away in downtown Miami.  I decided to pass on the opportunity.   A bummer.

So then it was trusting Miss Karen Garmin to get us back to the casino.  She were doing great until we ended up in the wrong line at the toll booth.  It was the exit line with no way to get back on. So we did some cross country and finally made it to the motorhome.  What a beautiful site.   I shall not drive in downtown Miami again, ever, I Hope!

Tomorrow, the Everglades.


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