Thursday, December 1, 2011

Monument Lake Campground and loving it

Today was moving day and we went a whole 120 miles, from our RV Resort park near Punta Gorda to Monument Lake Campground, on highway 41 or the Tamiami Trail or we're in the Cypress National Preserve or we're just on the north edge of the Everglades National Park or 20 miles east of Everglades City.  But let it be said that we have lots of room, it is quiet and the alligators haven't bothered us at all.

We had a pleasant drive here and an even better one when our friends from the Pow-Wow arrived (very late) to tell us that they had two blow-outs this afternoon on the interstate.  It was not a good day for them,  but no  one was hurt and road service took good care of them.

We stopped in Immokalee for my  B-12 prescription and took care of that little issue. We had stopped earlier to  top off the pantry stocks so that we'd have enough food for the next two weeks.   We're parked in what used to be the group camping area.   However, they have changed the rules and will only let us have one RV per picnic table.  So far we're okay.

But I dare not complain, as we also asked about a campfire on the ground, which they said no, no!   The local host said he'd see if he could find a fire ring for us, which I doubted if it would happen.  However, 2 hours later, in comes a maintenance worker with a brand new campfire ring with a grill on top.  Now my problem is to get some firewood.  The host has told us where there was some available,  so we'll check it out in the morning.  I have the chainsaw along plus a splitting mall and a wedge.   We're going to have a fire!

We're mighty  happy to be here, especially when we hear about the winds in California and the cold air in Colorado and Iowa.  We have been blessed to be here, with a predicted low next week to be 68 each day.  (I can handle that.)


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