Friday, December 30, 2011

Wrapping up 2011, looking forward to 2012

We've had a moderately relaxing week here at Paradise Park.  Nothing earth-shattering that upset the apple cart.  (And we like it that way.)  We thought that there would be some comments about a "Mud Track" west of the park two miles that has a 3 day event starting today.   But it is not to be.  Friends who went into town said that everything went well, no lines or hold ups for them going either way.  Considering all of the stories that were going around earlier, we're happy to hear that it was a nothing today.

Yesterday we worked on Lavonne bathroom stool.  What a pain.  Airstream has the stool in a little room so small that you can't even get your hand down beside it.   I had to lay on the floor to un-bolt it.   Plus the water line had to be removed by feel.   We took the stool out to see why it would not hold water in the bowl.  I thought that they problem was a lime build up on the active surface of the seal.  So we used lime away and cleaned the seal as best as we could.  But this morning, she reported that all of my effort was wasted.  It did not hold water.  (I guess as a friend in the service used to say, "You win some; you loose some and some get rained out."

On Wednesday, I helped Lee replace a since faucet in Lavonne's shed behind the trailer.  This job was a little bit easier.  The problem was that we could only rotate the sink, not pull it into the open.  Miraculously, the four screw on connections held water.   I guess it helps when they are not cross threaded to begin with.

A friend came over yesterday morning with his computer and his Mi-fi card.  He had taken his computer into Office Depot to be speeded up and now he can't get onto his Mi-Fi.   It was our first look at a Mi-Fi and it was impressive.   His problem was that they had taken his wireless driver out of his startup file, so the wireless adapter never ran.   We fell into the solution real quick.  However, when we tried to connect our notebook to the Mi-Fi, it was a no go.  As we talked with him, we learned that the Mi-Fi is a replacement for him.  When they sent it too him,  they had told him to switch the "chip" from the old unit to the replacement unit. The end result is that Mi-Fi has an attached label that is wrong.  It is no problem until he needs to replace his computer and now doesn't know what the security code is.  We sent him on his way with instructions to lean on Verizon until they tell him what the code is.  He needs it if he gets a new computer or e-book.

We are really done with any productive work here in the park.  Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and it will be a quiet one in this house.  Sunday will be a quiet day as most of the folks have stayed up well beyond their bed time hours.  Monday is our last day here, so we're putting the final touches on our stuff and Tuesday we hit the road again, pull the anchor up or what ever you want to call it.  Tuesday, we're headed off to another location to join our "Boondocking" friends!


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