Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We're getting into the park routine and out of the writing routine

I just realized this evening that we haven't been posting anything to our blog.  An even greater misfortune is that we haven't been updating our journal which is a daily diary of our activities.  Perhaps we're too busy?  Or perhaps we can blame it on the fact that we now have electrical hookups, and we're surfing too much.   But it has only been four days since the previous posting.

We're gradually getting things crossed off of our bucket list (our to do list).   I did get a call back finally from Shurflo about our water pump problem.   He asked if I needed it right away and I said "no, we are using a friend's pump!"  His reason for asking was that he'd like to  not send me a pump for about a month, after which  he'll have a new version of the pump.  (Of course, the new version will be better, more reliable etc.)  I agreed to wait a month or more so that we can have the better pump.  We hope it is better.

Yesterday, our renter from last year stopped in and returned our gate opener control.  We had asked them about it and they thought they had turned it into the park.  But they just found it and realized where it belonged.   So we returned the one we checked out from the park.  Now if we could only get the opener we have for our park in Casa Grande to do both gates!  It has two buttons.

For those of you not following the weather, it turned bitterly cold Sunday night. Yesterday morning the low was 55 degrees and we turned some heat on in the motorhome.  Tomorrow is to be a bit better.  The high today must have been up to 80, which was just fine for us.

In the cool of the morning sunshine today,  we decided to work on our black tank drain valve.   (We emptied the tanks, then use the jacks to tilt the motorhome so that there is no drippage out of the tank.  Then I can pull the valve to clean it.  The problem is that the inside of the tank, drain tubing and valve pick up a layer of lime.  The lime is rough and is like sand paper, which will eventually cut the valve seal.  We noticed that the valve was dragging some, so we cleaned it before it ruined the seal.   Interestingly, the lime problem is only in the black tank.  The gray tank lining is smooth as silk, probably the result of the various soaps that we use.

One of the joys of being here for 2 weeks is that we can get our mail and have other things shipped in.  We've ordered four LED lamp assemblies from Hong Kong, so we hope they'll make it also.   The lamp is one of the best ones we've seen for light output. (It only has 120 LEDs.) The other benefit of the lamp is that the current draw is only 0.6 Amps, about one fourth of the other lamps.

One of the downers of getting our mail is all of the "stuff" we get from our Medicare provider.  There were some major changes in our health insurance this year and we hope that we end up covered about the same way.  I'm sure we'll have less coverage and it will cost more, all part of Obama-care.  (Enough about politics!)


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