Thursday, December 8, 2011

Going for groceries

 It has been a couple of days since the last update and this time, there is real reporting to do.   We're fine and enjoying some real Florida sunshine and warm temperatures.  It turned cold last night and today the morning temperatures were in the mid 60s, (cold).  But on Thursday, it starts to warm up (to the low 80s).

Yesterday was Sandy's day to push the keyboard while Gene went canoeing on the Turner River here in the swamp.   All went pretty well although I do have a few deep scratches on my scalp.  (I lost my hat when I apparently  was using my head as a battering ram as we went under one of several low tree limbs.  It did hurt.)

We were on the water for 5 hours, of which 2 of them were in a very narrow channel that was carved out of a mangrove forest.  The route must have been laid out by a drunken sailor, as at times making the turns with the canoe was a challenge.  On the return, we used our hands on the brush instead of using the paddles.  In our group of 5 canoes, no  one tipped over although we had a very close call!  The channel depth was from 18 to 48 inches, so there was no real danger.

We were planning to  have a fire last night to relax a bit. Unfortunately, the wood we picked up is still TOO green and would not burn.  However, this morning almost all of the wood in the fire ring is gone.  I think it turned to charcoal and smoldered all night.  At least for tonight, we have some dry ends that didn't burn!

Today we went to Naples, Florida for groceries and to do our laundry.  Naples is a classy city, very neat and it looks to be expensive.  We found a laundromat for that duty and then the Walmart.   We didn't go to the nearest one, as we called in a a prescription refill to one 6 miles up the highway.   (There are 6 Walmarts in the Naples metropolitan area. )


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