Monday, December 5, 2011

It is 80 degrees out and NICE.

It is just plain hard to get too excited about anything around here today or even the last week.  It is in the 80s and we're loving it.   Perhaps a bit windy,  but we're not about to complain.  For you folks north and west, we're sorry to hear about your troubles.  Just hang in and it will improve.

I didn't realize that it has been 4 days since we have posted a blog.  I guess when we're having fun, the priorities get switched around.  The first day on site was a work day.  3 of us fellows put the chain saw in a pickup and went about 10 miles to a pile of wood.  The bad news is that I think it is too green to even burn, but we'll try it anyway.

Saturday was spent at the visitor's center attending some history seminars.  I didn't learn that much, but the seminars were well done and informative, especially for anyone who hasn't spent much time in the area.  But it was a good refresher for us.   Sunday night we went on a night walk on a observation boardwalk.   I hate to say it, but at my age, walking in the dark is a challenge, at least to go   in a straight line.   We had no problems, but we were aware of different environment.   There was very little wildlife seen or heard.  But the lead ranger gave a good tutorial as we went.

Tomorrow we're going to check out a museum in Everglades City.    Then to a sandwich shop for lunch followed by another museum near by.   On Wednesday, I'm going on a 5 hour canoe trip.   We have been told to bring a change of clothes in case we roll the canoe.  I also understand that the path is not always very wide or tall, so we may have a few battles with the brush on the way.    

That is about enough for one report.   Our solar panels seem to almost do a good job.  About every other day, we need to run the generator an hour in the morning.   The downer has been a couple of days with a heavy cloud cover.  But we're doing well otherwise.

Have a great day (we are!)



  1. Nice to read an upbeat blog. Have a great time!

  2. If you get a chance, head south out of Everglade City to Chokoloskee, FL. It's not far. There you will find the Smallwood General Store which is now a museum. It will show you what life was like in the everglades at the start of the 20th century. We have been there twice and found it interesting both times.

    JC and Gloria

  3. We spent a week in the area. The boat ride to Totch's Island was most interesting; even bought his book; still a family owned business. We tried to visit the Smallwood General Store this past June but it was under re-development or some such thing. Hope it is open for you because it looked really interesting. The new Depot Museum in Naples across from Tin City was also a good visit. Enjoy!