Friday, December 16, 2011

We're back in Paradise Park near Punta Gorda, FL

(This should have been posted last night.)

Yesterday was the last day we could stay free at Monument Lake, so we  (like just about everyone else in the campground)  bailed out.  It was a decent drive to our park with a stop at the small town of Immokalee, which is  a migrant and farmers' business community.  English is rarely heard and the town is nearly over-run with semis hauling farmers' products now.   We decided to do some exploring at the local commerical exchange for the growers.  

The first problem was finding a parking place for the RV and car.   Then I went to the market while Sandy stayed with the RV in case someone didn't like the way we were parked.   I've never seen so much in the way of  good garden product and it looked great.  We decided to price a lug of grapefruit and when she told me $6 for the lug, I decided I could carry it back to the RV.   (They may not speak much English, but they all know how to price the produce in American dollars!)

It was then another 20 miles on up the road to the next small town where we refilled the pantry.   Sandy was able to get what we needed but she complained  about the prices (not Wally prices).  We finally reached Florida highway 74 and headed west to our park.  What a refreshing drive, finally we had a tail
 wind!  (While heading north, we had a strong cross wind.)

Once in the park, we settled in and relaxed.   It is always a great feeling at the end of the day to be able to  park it, hit the automatic levelers, plug in the power cord and relax.   Friday starts our list of "to do" items, which needs to be done in two and a half weeks.  Already Sandy is complaining that she'll barely get used to living with connections when we'll pull up and head back to the world of boondocking.

Life moves on.


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