Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One week left to empty my bucket list!

We  leave the park one week from today and so far our list of things to get done is getting whittled down.  I think we'll make it.   Today we went with Lavonne to Arcadia for fuel (her car) and to give her moral support to pump it herself.   I feel like a hick standing there while she pumps it, but that is the only way she will learn how it is done.  One of her problems is that she has difficulty reading the LCD panels at the pumps.

While there it was grocery time, but that came second to Sandy getting her Kindle touch.  We turned in her Kindle 3G last Friday and the Punta Gorda store was out of the touch.   So now she has her toy!  She decided that the 3G version was un-necessary since we have a router and she does not intend to buy books from Amazon.   She has learned of a number of sites where she can obtain books for free via libraries and another place.   (The 3G version would also do the wi-fi to our router, but she didn't need the 3G capability, which costs and extra 50 bucks.)

Back at the park, we briefly worked on our backup LP tank connection.   We are carrying a 20 pound LP tank to use when the main tank runs empty.  At least that is the plan.  The reason is that the gauges on LP tanks are wildly in-accurate and  too often we find that we are filling when we still had nearly a half of tank of gas. Now we can run it nearly empty if we want to!  (And not be in trouble if it does run out.)

I've been kind of bragging about the weather here for the last month.  Well, the worm has turned, briefly we hope.  This evenings temperatures outside are 15 degrees lower then they were yesterday.  They may get into the 40s tonight.

Enough for tonight!


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