Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day and we're winding down

Christmas day is nearly spent and we're relaxing here in the rig.  Of course, our tummy is still well satisfied from dinner at 2 pm today.  A late afternoon walk did not wear it down either.  I guess like so many other things in life, "Just give it some time and all will settle down."

I was pleased to learn a little tid-bit about hip replacements today.  One of the fellows at our table sitting next to Sandy had a hip replaced not too long ago using a new approach.  He was ecstatic about how well it worked for him.  I was enough impressed with his comments that I looked up his surgeon online to see what was said about the surgery.   I've known for years that since my mother had both hips replaced, my dad had one hip replaced and three sisters have each had one hip replaced, it is probably something that I can expect.

The only fly in the ointment is that last summer as part of my physical, they x-rayed my hips.   The results were, "yes, I had a problem developing in the right hip, but it is the left hip that needs replacing".  I think they looked at the slides backwards!  One thing it did do is to convince me that when the time comes, I want a second opinion!

For those of you that are envious of our temperatures here in south Florida, you'll be happy  to  hear that on Wednesday, it will drop by about 10 degrees.   The days will be in the mid 70s and the nights about to the mid 50s.  I think we can hand that okay!

We trust all of our friends have enjoyed Christmas also. God bless you all.


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