Monday, December 12, 2011

Taking a peek at the Everglades

A group decision today said that we'd head for Shark Valley 25 miles east of  here to see the gators and what else they had.  So we piled into 2 vehicles and headed east after lunch.

Shark Valley is a tourist information area for everyone interested in seeing the Everglades. However, since today was Monday and most tourists are weekenders, it was very quiet today. Our first observation was that the tourists forgot what the day was and they all stayed home.  (Shark Valley was nearly deserted by the tourists and by the alligators.)  The speaker said that the alligators are still around, but since it rained two days ago, the alligators are still dispersed with the high water.  We also realized that the quantity of birds was really down.  Again the birds are dispersed because of the warm weather.   So we'll have to see them another day.!

It is late and I'm tired, so again a shorter than normal blog. Have a nice day.


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