Thursday, September 1, 2011

September is here already

Here it is September already and like it or not, time to think about heading to warmer climates.  It is hard to write that when we're expecting the high today of 95 plus.  Yes, it is another example of our weather extremes.

We were going to mow the lawn last week and presto, the belt broke again.   The store says I installed it wrong.  I maintain that the belt wasn't up to the task.   Anyway, a new one is supposedly on the way.   The good belt has internal cords to keep it together.  The generic belt only uses a light cloth on the outside and rubber inside.  The killer is that the belt tightener runs on the back side which weakens the belt.

Today we drive a friend to Iowa City for a Chemo treatment.  I've always said that we'd continue to be fulltimers as long as our health holds out.  As we help Dennis the truth of that statement is more obvious.  We need to enjoy our good health while we can.

Our daughter and son-in-law were caught with a 24 hour power outage in New Jersey because of Hurricane Irene.   They are between Atlantic City and Philadelphia and had only rain and a light wind besides losing power.  When they lose power, it means also loss of water since they have their own well.  So they are getting real serious about installing a backup generator and rewiring the power panel so that they can survive an extended power outage better.  They had parked the RV next to the house, so they really weren't  too bad off.   But tell two teenage granddaughters that.

Each day when I write this, I say to myself that I won't wait so long next time.  Somehow, time just seems to slip away from us.   But we're vertical and you'll get it when it happens.  So enjoy fall, it is here after tomorrow they say.


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