Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday and a new week

We survived our family gathering this Sunday with little fanfare.  Actually, it would appear that we were somewhat stood up.  But so be it.  We'll do it next spring to celebrate mothers 101st birthday.  We only had representatives from 4 of the 8 kids.  But we had a good time.

We are now in the serious count down mode for our fall departure.  We plan to depart in about 10 days, probably for a chapter Rally in Northwest Iowa, then head on west.  While there, we'll go visit Sandy's brother who is currently spending time in a Mason City re-hab center to resolve some lasting effects of a stroke.  Taking care of one's health is even more important when you see the impact on someone else's life.

Beth (youngest daughter) left us yesterday afternoon after the family gathering.  She was happy as a lark, feeling that she had  convinced me to ditch some stuff from the motorhome.  Actually I had already decided on most it before her arrivial and by keeping her busy at the motorhome, she had no time to get in our storage trailer.  Its called creating a diversion to keep her busy.

She and I have different opinions on the worth of  some items.  Right at the door,  is a piece of old weathered wood that is about 4 feet long.   It is really the tap root of a tree that fell over in the Medicine Bow National Forest.  When we were on a family hike, they fell in love with it, so I cut off the log part and we carried it to the trailer. It stands about 4 feet high.   I think it is neat.   I also have a rock that I carried off of the mountain that today is more than I can carry.   The rock currently rests in a patch of ferns behind the old garage.   It is at ground level and you wouldn't know it is there unless someone told you.  (For many years, it was a flag stone in our brick patio at our house in Marion.)

To lighten our load, we are leaving a few boxes of stuff that really hasn't been used. I think Sandy and Beth left several pieces of material that Sandy had stored in a suitcase in our basement.  But in its place went several trays of slides.  Supposedly, Sandy is going to scan the slides into the computer this winter.  Something to do to occupy all of her free time!

I left two boxes of computer stuff, such as cables, routers, books etc. In its place goes two kettles and it leaves space for a possible turkey cooker burner!   Needed items for our way of life when joining  the Boondocker's Rendezvous  in the sticks!

This is the last day of summer according to the weather man.   The weather is just plan delightful today.  I guess tomorrow is to be something else!


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