Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On the Road -- West

We left Iowa on Monday, heading west.  The Missouri River flooding changed our route plans some, but we drove around it.   Our first night was at Stromburg, NE and it was almost a bummer.  Very little TV and almost no Internet.  My air card was as slow as my old TTY machine.  We finally gave up and went to bed early.

On our way west, we stopped at another park that was an option for us (only about 50 miles further).   It was also free and the Internet there was fantastic. It was just too bad we didn't proceed further on Monday afternoon.   I guess that besides checking for electric power at the posts, we need to fire up the computers and verify that we can surf to our satisfaction.  So we need electricity, Internet access and a reasonably quiet park.  I forgot to mention that of course, we're looking for a free park also.   Tonight, we're in the city park at Brush, CO with excellent Internet and it is very quiet (and free for one night).  (We're about a mile from the interstate.)

Today we put in a long day but it was made shorter because we switched to Mountain time on the way.  Interestingly, we could have had interstate all the way but decided to take the roads less traveled and dropped down to old Highway 6 and then highway 34.  It was a very good road with very little traffic.  Most of the traffic was related to the harvesting that is just starting (wheat, soybeans and corn).   We saw a number of feed lots and late this afternoon, there were a number of cattle trucks heading towards the pens.  They probably load them out in the evening for overnight delivery.

We may change our plans after this evening.  While I was outside fixing something, Sandy was busy getting dinner ready.  When I came in,  she was beat, exhausted, or nearly wiped out. It has been some years since we have been at these altitudes and Sandy was definitely suffering altitude sickness.  So instead of heading on west of Denver via I-70 and the tunnel tomorrow, I think we'll give her a day here to get a little more acclimated.  (The elevation here is 4600 feet above sea level.)

We'll make good use of our non-travel day tomorrow.  Sandy tells me that the laundry needs to be done.  So life goes on.


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