Monday, September 5, 2011

Visiting Beth for a long weekend.

One of the ways to avoid feeling guilty about not getting stuff done on the farm  is to leave the farm.  Thus, we're visiting daughter Beth for a late Labor Day weekend.  I think our only mandatory task  here is to dismount the window screens  on  3 windows and install the storm windows.  I can handle that.  (Beth has done some of the windows when we're really late in the spring, so she could do it all on her own.)

Sunday morning was kind of a zoo in our house (motorhome), as we were also hosting a homing pigeon release at 7 AM and again at 8  AM.  Actually, there was nothing for us to do really.   A friend brings the pigeons in, the guests are friends from the park in Florida and afterwards, everyone goes to a restaurant for breakfast.  (The release was scheduled for Saturday, but was delayed for a day because of the forecasted rain.)

Sandy and I actually only stayed for the 7 AM release.   The pigeons leaped from the cages and headed for the wild blue yonder! They flew directly away from the trailer, climbed for some altitude and then circled to the right.    I think they did two large circles and then turned and headed towards Milwaukee.  But when we last saw them  in the distance, they seemed to be on a more northerly course.   Perhaps the sun was too bright for them to fly directly  east into the early morning sun.  Sandy and I then left the group and headed  to Marion to our home church.   What a joy to see so many friends again.  It was also great to be in the church and listen to some real singing from the heart.  (The church has  a strong choir director and many members that know how to sing, especially the often used liturgy. )

The drive from Marion to Dodgeville was uneventful.   I started driving and turned it over to Sandy after 40 miles. (Yes, I was tired.)  Sandy drove it to Dubuque where we visited the friendly Hardee's for a quick snack and on to Dodgeville.  I did catch some shut-eye on that leg.  I woke up when Sandy was exiting the freeway to go into Dodgeville, so I didn't miss a thing.

For the next 3 days, we live a different life style.  Beth avoids using heat in the house (if possible) so I'm always cold!  Meals are unplanned happenings, usually something from her share of a farm co-op she is a member of.   Finally, the TV is on non-stop, irrespective if she is watching it!  But I do have my computer along so if push comes to shove, we can retreat to the Internet.  (I just don't have my easy chair and my flat file table!)

Enough for now.


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