Monday, September 19, 2011

It is Time to leave soon

It is time to consider our stay here on the farm to be over.  Tomorrow we head to CR for a B twelve shot, then one final visit with mother.  On Wednesday, we pull the stakes and roll, first northwest, then west to Arizona.  Iowa was hit with a cold wave which really chilled my bones.  We were to a class reunion gathering on Friday night in a basically open shelter.  It was cold.  (If they'd had it a week earlier, it would have been fantastic.)  The more formal reunion was Saturday night with most of the class in attendance.

Sunday noon saw us stuffing ourselves again at a sit down dinner at our close friends house.  He is having a rough go at it to beat a colon cancer bug.  (If you're over 55,  please get yourself a colonoscopy periodically, it pays!)   Three couples were there, each bringing something to the table, but the hostess provided most of the meal, and it was good.

This morning saw me cleaning up outside of the motorhome or more correctly, putting stuff back into its proper place.   But with 75 degree temperatures predicted for today, maybe Iowa isn't too bad!   But by this weekend, I think the bottom is to drop out again, so sign us out for the season..

I mentioned earlier about our class reunion.  What a joy to visit with school classmates (10 years in the same school).  No, they haven't really changed.  The loud mouths are still loud and the quiet ones are just as quiet..   But they've had some new and different experiences.  One couple was involved in the closing of a mausoleum in a city cemetery that had been abandoned 60 years ago.   Supposedly, all of the bodies were to have been removed, but for some odd reason, the city fathers pocketed the money obtained from relatives and left the bodies on the shelf.   The building was deteriorating to the point that something had to be done.   As the class member said, "I'm now also a grave digger!"

For the next 3 months, our travel plans are to spend the coming weekend at our Iowa chapter rally in Webster City, make a Sunday trip to Mason City to see Sandy's brother and family, then head west, picking up I-80 and then I-70 into southern Utah.   We want to revisit two national parks that we briefly saw shortly after I got out of the service in 1963.  At that time,  we were in a tent and froze, so we didn't spend much time seeing the sites.   From there it is to the Grand Canyon and then to our lot in a park in Casa Grande for a month or two.

Right now the sun is shining outside with a light breeze.  So I  need to get moving and stash more stuff for the winter.


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