Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back in our house (motorhome) again

With all of our duties accomplished in daughter's house, it was time to return to the farm.  It is amazing how nice it feels to be back in my chair.  Even thou I have to dry dishes here, it is great.

We spent 3 days with daughter and heard no end of complaining about my stuff in the storage trailer. I think she has a bee in her bonnet and won't be happy until there is nothing left of mine (or Sandy's).  (It makes life simplier for her when we check out.   I've told her that when that time comes, she can hire a dumpster and pack it away. In the meantime, it is mine and to be kept.

On our return, we stopped at our friendly Walmart for groceries and a prescription for Sandy.  Sandy was very disappointed, as they didn't have it in the system to be filled, as if the doctor's office hadn't called it in.   As we debated on what to do, I asked her if she had told them the east or west Walmart. Ups, big slip up.  When she called the doctor's office, she had directed them to call the west side and we were in the east side.

So when we finished the groceries, it was off to the west side, where we expected to be in and out.  But nothing is ever simple.  Sandy had to wait an hour for them to fill the order and then we only got it when I received the Walmart phone call that our prescription was ready.   The clerk had to search for it first, probably indicating that someone dropped the ball somewhere.

Tomorrow I drive a friend to Iowa City for his weekly Chemo treatment.   So we'll learn what is new in the local area.  Plus, I hope to have a lawnmower belt in the post office.  I broke the one I bought 3 months ago and did not want another generic belt.   The OEM belt has 3 heavy cords in the belt where as the general belt has nothing but a rubber center and a fine weave on the inner and outer surface.   The killer is the belt tightner runs on the back side and severly bends the belt, the belt is getting bent both in the normal direction and in a reverse direction.

See you later.


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