Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer has ended

Today was another super day weather wise and tomorrow is to be different.   A norther is to blow in and tomorrow night there is the possiblity of frost in places.  It is soon time to head for warmer climates.

Today was another slow day for both of us.  We went to the Sandersfelds where Sandy road with Lavonne to Iowa City for some appointments.  Lavonne has not driven much since she has her new eyes and was reluctant to do it alone (Sandy was the backup driver).  However, Sandy reported that Lavonne did all of the driving and did just fine.

(Dennis no longer drives and Lavonne hesitates to leave him a lone for long.  Since getting this round of chemo treatments, he is much weaker and has some problems getting around.)

We spent some time this afternoon trying to get ourselves organized in the motorhome basement and around the farm.   It is hard to believe, but I always loose something.  Today it was a box of power strips.  I have a couple in the motorhome, but I  wanted to trade them for two in my box that have 15 foot cords.  However, they could not be found.  Perhaps if we quit looking for them, they will appear.

Today I also abandoned the idea of setting up a webcam on a Turkey Vulture nest site.  The site is in an old silo on an adjoining farm which has no electricity.  So to do it, we have to install a solar electric package plus the webcam.  Just too much to get done in a weeks time.  We can gather up the needed items this winter and install it next spring.  We'll probably miss the early nesting activities, but we can follow the final fly away.

Tomorrow we make our weekly journey to Cedar Rapids again, this time for a vitamin B twelve shot.  So we'll lay in a supply of groceries and any other items of note before returning.


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