Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's Raining (and we love it)

Here it is Saturday after lunch and we are having intermittent showers.  We love it.  It won't make much difference with the crop yields, but I think that folks this year are learning that timely rains are a blessing from heaven!

Today was laundry day again and for once, I went with Sandy (I drove).  It goes faster when there are two folks sorting and folding clothes.  Besides,, I get to see how the crops are maturing!  Actually, we get to see where there is some very poor soil in the hillside, otherwise known as a Sand spot.  We've got a couple of them here on our farm and you don't grow much when the crop is stressed like this summer.

Labor Day is about here which means it is time to think about heading south for the winter.  We spent our extra time this morning plotting routes as we head for Casa Grande later this month.   We're leaving early so that we can visit some National Parks in Utah.  We briefly saw both parks in 1963 when we did our extended camping trip upon parting from the Air Force.  The thing we remember most clearly was that is was November 15th and there was a light snow on the hills and it was cold.  It was so cold that we froze our buts.  Eventually we got up and spent the remainder of the night in the heated bathroom.

I saw an article in yesterdays paper about the highways in western Iowa.  Several of the roads that cross the Missouri River are not open yet and won't be for months to come.    We saw a photo of Interstate 680 which is the north route into Omaha.  The asphalt is broken into pieces of 1 to 2 feet and tilted at various angles.  The flooding river worked its way into the various cracks and totally  undermined the road.  It wouldn't look any worse if they had gone through the road with a farmers' chisel plow.  They also said that it won't be ready for travel until November of 2012, a year from now.  It appears that the only route into Nebraska from Iowa is via interstate 80 through the heart of Omaha.

Time marches on.


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