Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two down, Three to go

Again, my apologies for forgetting about you.

We've been back on the farm since about Aug 5 and we have 3 family gatherings down and four more gatherings to go.  Then we're free to roam.   But the last gathering is September 17th (my class reunion), so we have a few weeks yet.)

During the first week of August, we had our daughters plus Julie's family here.  Things were kind of tight, but we really enjoyed their presence.  They are long gone.  Last weekend, we journeyed to northern Iowa for Sandy's family reunion.   It was a long day, but again very enjoyable.

I haven't really done much here on the farm, except pay bills and dream of what needs to happen.  So much of it spends money, so naturally we drag our feet some.  For the last 3 weeks on Thursday, we have driven a friend to Iowa City for Chemo treatments.   One doesn't realize how nice we have it until you get tied into helping a friend like that.  Suddenly, good health is nearly priceless.  Little things like dental cleaning and new eye glasses are nothing but an inconvenience for a short time.

This weekend, we have a luncheon to attend for past presidents of an RV club we used to belong to.  It is always great to see them once a year even though we no longer belong to that club.   Then on the Saturday before Labor Day, we are hosting a "Homing Pigeon release".   A friend from Milwaukee, WI is bringing a trailer loaded with about 200 homing pigeons.  They will be released at 7 and 8 AM, then several of us will go out for breakfast.  We met him at the park in Florida that we own a lot in.  So it is nice to see him and many other friends that come to see the pigeons off.   (The pigeons will probably beat him home to Milwaukee.)

Sometime this fall, we want to visit with daughter Beth in Dodgeville, WI, perhaps after Labor Day weekend. We're not sure of our plans.   We also have a Field Day dinner hosted by our custom farm operator to attend next Tuesday (after we get a filling fixed.)  So life is not dull in this household.

It is getting pretty dry here in SE Iowa, but in our case, the crops are well enough along to maturity.  We are very thankful for what we have.  Now we wait for hurricane Irene to drench the east coast with excess moisture.  Our daughter Julie and family live in New Jersey between Philadelphia and Atlantic City, so you know we'll be watching the news closely.

In due season, it will rain!


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