Friday, September 23, 2011

At the fall Rally

Okay, we pulled stakes and are slowly headed southwest.   We think of the song sung by a popular singer of, "On the Road Again" and sung in a joyous mood.  We pulled off of the farm at 9:30 am, about our regular time for a departure.  We headed north to highway 30, then west to highway 17 and north to our destination.   Just before passing Tama, we pulled over and I said, "Sandy, it is your turn to drive!"  It was four lane and very little traffic.  Sandy took the wheel and did a marvelous job.   (But I have to admit that I was kind of nervous sitting there on the right seat.)  I think Sandy drove the coach more miles that morning then she has driven in the 6 years we've had the coach.   I've also let her know that starting now, we are sharing the driving.

The plan was for Sandy to drive until we ran out of 4 lane, then for me to take over.  Surprise, highway 30 is four lane from Tama to near Boone, Iowa.  Sandy drove the entire distance plus 20 miles north on 2 lane highway 17, where we stopped for a break  I think I now have an approved relief driver!

We actually came to the rally a day early, only to find that most of the rally participants were already here.   So we had no trouble settling in and getting a hug from so many friends we haven't seen in a few months.

(A different culture!)  A week ago was my high school 55th class reunion.  It provided a very interesting contrast in people verses our Escapee's group.   The class was only 38 members and I've always said that everyone has been very friendly.  About 30 percent of the class were together from kindergarten, with another 40 percent joining at high school and the rest at random times.   But the personal greetings were decidedly cool when compared to our RV group.  The words were free flowing.  The personal contact was  strictly by the formal hand shake, be it man to man or man to woman or woman to woman.  Not a hug in the crowd.  Is that called an area culture?   Or is it that RV'ers know that it is here today, gone tomorrow?   My RV friends are hugger's!  My home town friends are NOT huggers!

I've sometimes thought that it would be interesting to go back to school and study psychology.  People around the country all have their unique characteristics.  I think I need to quit, before I get into really deep trouble using those big words that I know not how to spell.  (Hopefully, the spell checker will come to my rescue!  And did!)


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