Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An Early Morning Blog

Here it is Wednesday already and I've been derelict on updating the blog. So while Sandy continues her shut eye operations, I'll put something together.

Yesterday was the weekly potluck at noon in the club house here in the park. In an attempt to meet more folks, we have been trying to be regular attendees. We were early and helped to get the serving table arranged. A week ago when we moved the tables to a pair of tables end to end, the other lady there quipped: "Oh, we always have the tables side by side". I commented to her that we were at the last two dinners and the tables were end to end. They stayed end to end! Yesterday, she was there early also and didn't comment when we moved the tables. I guess you could have the tables side by side and use a single file serving line! When the tables are end to end, we can have two serving lines, which moves things along.

The couple that joined us at our table were old park residents but they have not participated in the noon potluck before. They were also, fulltimers, Winnebago owners and mid-westerners. We had a delightful conversation. Plus we were the last table to clear out. We have also noticed that the rest of the attendees seem to hurry through dinner, grab their dishes and bail out. There is no "after dinner conversation".

A couple of weeks ago, I had bought a book that the library was disposing of. The book is a history of the WWII North African battle as pertaining to the United States involvement. In summary (and I'm only half way through), what a bunch of bumbling leaders we had for a while, including Ike. Poor planning, wrong ammo, not looking an ambush, and the list goes on and on. Obviously, they finally got their act together, but for the first 2 months it certainly doesn't look good. (It is certainly more fun to read about it when we know that in the end, the good guys will win the day.) Sadly, thousands of GIs were wasted in the process.

Yesterday, we received confirmation that our lot has a rental commitment from mid February through March. So we are going to see more of the southwest verses squatting in the park. We'll leave in mid January for Quartzsite and just keep wandering until time to return north. Perhaps we can find somebody else to rent the open dates.

Temperatures here in Casa Grande have been running 70 in the daytime and 40 at night. Not really too bad, especially considering what our friends are having to tolerate up north. So we do get out for lots of fresh air and exercise.


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