Thursday, December 3, 2009

Politics' at a Local Level

Today we attended the "work session" of the park's board of directors. It was a most interesting way to learn what goes on in the park. What we find interesting is how similar the little stuff in this park is to another park we've very familiar with in Florida. Both have their issues with the local authorities relative to building permits. It impacts us slightly, as we need a permit in order to build a shed on the lot. Supposedly, only a park permit is required, but until a park survey is finished and approved by the county, no permits are being allowed by either the county or the park. The ones we feel sorry for are lot owners that came to the park early so that they could get a park model RV installed. For them, it is a very frustrating delay, as the season is slowly disappearing and they may be hard pressed to get all of the little things done before they want to head north.

With the patio done and no work on our shed, I've been loafing a little bit. I've done more reading in the last 2 weeks than I've done in 6 months. I picked up a book on the allied battle in North Africa during WWII and find it hard to put down.

We've also taken a few more walks morning and afternoon. I do know that my stamina is much better than it was a few weeks ago.

Tomorrow is breakfast out at the clubhouse and I get pancakes; I love'em.


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